Frequently Asked Questions

How can I subscribe to Maxis fibre broadband service?
Go to Subscribe Maxis Fibre Internet or call 016-585 6664.
How do I check if I have Maxis fibre coverage?
Click here to check coverage for your area.
What do I get once I subscribe to this service?

Upon installation of the Maxis Fibre Internet package, you will receive:

  • Residential Wi-Fi modem (1 unit)
  • Welcome kit
  • Unlimited Free call credit to any local fixed and mobile numbers for package RM189, RM219 & RM299
  • Unlimited Free calls to Maxis Fixed lines
Is there a deposit required?
A deposit of RM75 for Malaysians is waived. However, a RM500 deposit is required for non-Malaysians.
Do I have to pay any upfront fee if I want to subscribe for the Maxis Fibre Internet package?
There is no upfront fee required. For now, standard installation fee of RM200 is waived until further notice.
How long is the contract period?
The contract period for Maxis fibre internet package is 24 months.
What is the cost of the installation?

A standard installation fee costs RM200. For now, the standard installation fee of RM200 is waived. Non-standard installation costs may incurred based on installation complexity or by customer’s request. Please refer below for the non-standard installation charges.

installation charges for maxis fibre broadband

What does the standard installation cover?
The standard installation covers the connection (outside your home) from the nearest Fibre Distribution Panel to the Termination Box and the connection (inside your home) from the Termination Box to the Access Termination box. The installation provided is of standard specifications (over wall with clip or cable casing only). Should you require non-standard installation such as over the ceiling, underground ducts, concealed wiring and so on, the additional charges shall be borne by you (the customer).
Will there be any drilling involved?
Drilling will depend on the structure of your premise. There will be potential drilling to connect the Maxis Fibre Internet service to your premise. The installer will advise you if drilling is required and you would need to agree on the drilling design and installation cost. Payment must be made to the installer once installation is completed.
Should I need to reschedule my installation appointment, will there be any penalty imposed?
There will be a penalty of RM200 if you notify to reschedule the installation appointment within 3 days from the installation date.
How long is the installation process?
The installation process will take approximately 6 – 7 hours. You will receive a call from us within 7 days after registration to confirm the installation date & time.
Maxis Fibre Internet – Terms & Conditions

There is a minimum subscription period for the Maxis Services subscribed herein unless specifically stated otherwise by Maxis for a particular service (hereafter the ”Service”).

1. The Service is only available in certain coverage areas. Call 123 (from your mobile) or 1800 82 1123 or log onto to check if you are within the Service coverage area.

2. We will call you within seven (7) days of your application for the Services to inform you of our acceptance or rejection of your application. Provision of the Services is at Maxis’ sole discretion.

3. You consent for us and/or our agents to gain access to your premises with prior notice to place our equipment and install the Services in your premises;

4. The Services will be installed at the address provided. If you need to relocate from the premises stated herein, you shall provide us prior notice. Any such relocation shall be subject to our Service coverage area and a relocation charge of RM200. We also have an option to terminate the Services with notice to you if the Services cannot be provided at your relocated premise.

5. You are responsible for the safety of our equipment in your premises at all times. Upon termination of the Service, our equipment must be returned in good condition, failing which you may be charged for any loss or damage.

6. Services are offered as a package. Suspension, barring or termination of a particular service from the package will cause the other services in the package to be suspended, barred or terminated (as the case may be) as well.

7. You may receive a bill for each of the services subscribed for in the package (up to 3 bills). Non-payment for any one of the services may result in suspension or barring of all the services until the outstanding amount is paid.

8. Maxis reserves the right to introduce and deliver new services over a shared infrastructure. You may subscribe to such new services or to additional services from Maxis by way of a request to us and the relevant service terms and conditions shall be deemed to be accepted by you upon your acceptance and/or usage of such new and/or additional services. This applies to services that may be provided as a package by Maxis as well.

9. The Services as subscribed by you and/or the introduction and delivery of new services over a shared infrastructure are subject to Our Customer Terms made available on our website at


1. These Important Terms & Conditions shall apply for services under Part (A).

2. The modem/ONT (Optical Network Terminal) provided at Customers’ premises is the property of Maxis. Upon discontinuation of the service, you must return the complete ONT to Maxis in good working condition, failing which you will be charged. For rate charges, log on to

3. The Residential WiFi Modem belongs to the Customer and has a warranty of 12 months (warranty is only for manufacturing defects). Should there be any damage or loss of device, the Customer may purchase another unit from Maxis. Please call 1800 82 1123 or 123 from your Maxis Mobile for assistance on technical issues.

4. The installation process will take approximately 6-7 hours. You will receive a call from us within 7 days upon registration to confirm your appointment date and time. For any rescheduling or cancellation of the installation appointment date, customers are required to inform Maxis 3 days prior to the appointment date. Maxis reserves the right to charge the Customer RM200 for any late rescheduling or cancellation request.

5. A one-time installation fee of RM200 for standard installation is applicable for the Maxis Fibre Internet service. This installation fee may be subject to change from time to time (as updated on the Internet Services website) and covers the first 85 metres (outside your home) from the nearest Fibre Distribution Panel to the Termination Box and the first 15 metres (inside your home) from the Termination Box to the Access Termination Box. Should the length required at the Customer’s premises exceed the said allocated amount, the extra charges will be borne by the Customer. The installation provided is of standard specifications (over wall with clip or cable casing only), cost for any non-standard type of installations, such as over the ceiling, underground ducts, concealed wiring and so on will be borne by the Customer. For rate table guide, please log on to

6. You will need to approve the drilling area agreement before Maxis starts any installation.

7. Should you opt only for the Home Voice package at a later stage, a one-time installation fee of RM150 is applicable. This installation fee may be subject to change from time to time (as updated on the Internet Services website).

8. You will need to purchase your own DECT phone for your use and agree on the phone number assigned to you before Maxis activates the service.

9. You are allocated monthly free call credit under your package. Should you exceed the allocated monthly call credit, you will be charged according to the prevailing rates. For rate charges, log on to Any unutilised balance of the monthly free call credit is not refundable, returnable or converted into monetary value, and shall not be carried forward or accrue towards your account.

10. Speed of service is on best effort basis. Maxis reserves the right to manage your speed should you exceed the stipulated data volume quota. Fair usage policy applies.

11. This Maxis Fibre Internet service comes with a 24-month contract. A penalty of RM500 is applicable should you terminate the service before the end of the 24 months.

12. A deposit of RM75 is applicable for Malaysians. For non-Malaysians, the deposit is RM500.

13. Maxis will not bear any penalty fees that may be charged by your current service provider should you terminate the service before the end of your contract.

14. All value added services offered with the respective plans will be available for Customers as long as they subscribe to the Fibre Internet service.

15. Balance of quota or unused services are not refundable/returnable and cannot be converted into monetary value.

16. To discontinue the service, you can walk-in to any Maxis Centre
Business Fibre with WBB backup - Terms & Conditions

1. The minimum contract subscription for the Business Fibre Dynamic IP with WBB backup package is 24 months.

2. The WBB backup package is only valid for a subscription of Business Fibre Dynamic IP package.

3. The WBB service is in suspension mode and will only be activated whenever the Business Fibre service is down.

4. To activate the WBB service, the Customer need to contact Maxis HelpDesk (1-800-82-1512) and the WBB service will be activated once verified by Maxis HelpDesk support.

5. While waiting for the Business Fibre service to be restored, the Customer can still connect to the internet through the LAN ports or WiFi access from the Business Fibre router (RGW) once the WBB service been activated.

6. Other services such as Maxis BVE, VPN and other VAS services will not be working whenever the Business Fibre service is down. The WBB service is only meant to provide an internet browsing experience.

7. The Customer is strictly not allowed to remove the WBB device from Business Fibre router (RGW) and the Customer will responsible for the WBB device. In event that the WBB device is lost or broken, the Customer will be charged RM300 for the delivery of a replacement WBB device. The charge will appear in the monthly bill.

8. Customer is not allowed to downgrade during the minimum contract subscription period.

9. Maxis will provide a temporary internet service on the Business Fibre site visit day’s by setting-up the WBB device with Business Fibre router (RGW) at customer premise and can be used until Business Fibre service been activated.

10. In the event the 3G signal coverage is low at the Customer’s premises, Maxis will not provide the WBB device and Maxis will give a monthly rebate of RM10 to customer.

11. The Business Fibre with WBB backup service is offered as a bundle package. Thus, the suspension or barring of the Business Fibre internet service will also cause the WBB to suspend its service as well.

MaxisONE Plan + Home Fibre Internet Package (“MaxisONE Package”) - Terms & Conditions

1. 100Mbps Home Fibre Internet (“Product”) is only open for individual registration.

2. The product is available for bundle with MaxisONE Plan and Home Fibre Internet plan packages and/or standalone service.

3. MaxisONE Package comprises of:-

  • – 100Mbps Home Fibre Internet (“HFI”) with Home Voice service, and
  • – MaxisONE Plan (“MOP”) with data upgrade (1GB or 3GB or 6GB)

4. MaxisONE Package customers (excluding MaxisONE Plan Lite, MaxisONE Plan Start, MaxisONE Business, MaxisONE Business Extra) will enjoy a RM68 perpetual discount per month with the HFI service. The discount is applicable on the monthly access fee only (excluding Home Voice service and any applicable taxes).

5. The MOP customer must be the Principal line subscriber with an “Active” status of his or her account, in order to continue enjoying this discount.

6. Both MOP and HFI must be registered under the same person.

7. This MaxisONE Package comes with a 24 months contract period. If a customer terminates the service prior to expiry of the 24 months contract period, an early termination fee of RM500 will apply.

8. The same terms and conditions will apply to existing HFI customers who subscribe to this Offer.

9. In using this service, you must comply with the below terms and conditions which can be found at

  • – Maxis Fair Usage Policy,
  • – Maxis Service Terms and Conditions as applicable for the services or value added services as may be subscribed by you,
  • – Maxis Broadband Terms & Conditions;
  • – Maxis Fibre Internet Terms and conditions (not applicable for Wireless Broadband); and
  • – General Terms and Conditions (collectively ‘Our Customer Terms’).
  • – These terms and conditions shall be supplemental to the registration form terms and conditions for Maxis Fibre Internet and Home Voice services.
30-day Return Back Guarantee (“guarantee program”) - Terms & Conditions

1. The guarantee program applies only for individual account’s registration and is applicable for both the MaxisONE Package and standalone service. For eligibility criteria, please call 1300-82-1123 for details.

2. The guarantee program is valid within the first 30 calender days upon installation completion, is not perpetual and is subject to Maxis’ discretion.

3. To make a 30-day Return Back Guarantee claim, you can give us a call on or 123 (if you are calling from your mobile device) or 1300 82 1123 (if you are calling from a fixed line or non-Maxis mobile) or let us call you filling out the online form within 30 days of the start of your contract at

4. There are 2 options under the 30-day Return Back Guarantee, which are:

  • – Opt for downgrade to any active fibre packages;
  • – Opt for contract cancellation which leads to complete service termination.

5. You will need to return your devices, such as ONT (Optical Network Terminal), and/or RGW (Residential WiFi Modem) provided to you by Maxis if you opt for service termination.

6. Under this guarantee program, we will not refund to you any monthly access/subscription fee of your subscription during the first 30 calender days. You must to pay for any call charges to mobile and fixed numbers and IDD destinations upon completion of the free minutes allocated to you.

7. The Network Guarantee applies to a maximum of one claim per person per year.

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